Middle School Breakfast & Lunch Menus

The Wichita Public Schools Nutrition Services staff takes pride in providing healthy, nutritious and well-balanced meals to students during their time at school. Middle school students  are given the opportunity to choose only those foods they intend to eat. This “Offer” system is designed to give students the opportunity to select foods they want to eat and to reduce food waste.  
The School Breakfast and Lunch Program has nutrient standards for school food service programs to follow. According to these standards, lunch menus will provide approximately one-third of the daily nutritional needs.  However, the fewer menu items selected and eaten, the less nutritional benefit you receive. The price per meal remains the same whether you select the minimum number of items or all of the meal items. At lunch, students must choose an entree and at least one of the three choices offered. In the student's selection, they must take different items. 
Click here for a more detailed explanation on how the “Offer” system works. Please contact your Nutrition Services Cafeteria Manager if you have any questions or concerns about the menu (click here for directory). Check the menus daily to know what menu items are available. 

Middle School Menus and Nutrition Information
 Breakfast & Lunch Menu  Nutrition Information
August 2013 Menu August 2013 Nutrition
September 2013 Menu September 2013 Nutrition
October 2013 Menu October 2013 Nutrition
November 2013 Menu November 2013 Nutrition
December 2013 Menu December 2013 Nutrition
January 2014 Menu
January 2014 Nutrition
February 2014 Menu February 2014 Nutrition
March 2014 Menu March 2014 Nutrition
April 2014 Menu April 2014 Nutrition
May 2014 Menu
May 2014 Nutrition

Lunch Includes:
1. Meat or Meat Alternative
2. Grains                                                      
3. Fruit                                                           
4. Vegetable                           
5. Milk                                    

Students must choose a minimum of three items, one of which must be a fruit or vegetable.

Last Updated: 4/17/14
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